Finding a new home for the artworks

Recently Bobbie and I visited the Kiama High School to talk to Principal John Salmon about re-housing the artworks after their restoration.

It was great to hear his enthusiasm for bringing the paintings back to life and finding a suitable new home for them.

They were originally shown in the School Hall, but the re-designed wall space no longer lends itself to hanging these large panels, so instead John is considering hanging them in the School Library, which will be a much for sympathetic location.

Firtstly, however, he is keen for the paintings to be shown more publicly in Kiama, so after our launch in May 2016 at the Old Fire Station Gallery in Kiama, we are hoping to exhibit them at the Kiama Library for locals and visitors alike to enjoy.

It was great to meet a number of staff who had various recollections of the paintings over the years, or who were connected with the story in some way. We also met students who are keen to record the progress of the project.

Auguste Blackman joined us to carefully review the works – he will be our lead restorer under the careful guidance of his sister – internationally recognised restorer Christabel Blackman (what a great day it was for me when Christabel gave me some advice on restoration – I learnt so much from her in a short period of time).

If you would like to help us with the cost of restoration, framing, exhibiting and re-housing these paintings, we’d really appreciate a donation – which is easy to do using the paypal buttons on the webpage.  


Andrea Hope, Project Team

Andrea Hope, Project Team


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