Preparation almost complete!

high res frame

Bobbie and I are very excited that our restoration project is drawing to a close.

As you can see the restored and re-framed works are looking fabulous! The one above is by Clem Cummings.

Philippa Wilcox and students at the Kiama High School are now working on the story boards to accompany the  exhibition, so that visitors will be able to see the history of the paintings at the school.

Thanks so much to all our very generous donors! We have now reached our goal, and Bobbie and I would like to return any surplus funds to the art section of the Kiama High School to promote art, in honour of Lloyd Rees.

We will also be giving prints of Fire Haze at Gerringong  by Lloyd Rees to 6 donors (draw to take place at the opening of the exhibition) as a small thank you.

We do hope to see you at the exhibition at the Fire Station Gallery in Terralong Street Kiama which is being held from Friday the 2nd of September, through to the following Wednesday.





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