KHS Students preparing storyboards

Story Board Team

Year 9 art students working on the storyboards for the exhibition, L-R Olivia Falconer, Allanah Butler, Samantha Tiyce, Abbey Murphy, Kira Loiterton, Mackenzie Warfield.

Today I had the great pleasure of meeting with a group of Kiama High School Year 9 art students who are preparing the Storyboards for the exhibition.

This will be a great documentary record for visitors to the exhibition, and a wonderful history of the artworks.

Allanah Butler, Samantha Tiyce, Mackenzie Warfield, Kira Loiterton, Abby Murphy and Olivia Falconer are happily working under the tutelage of Kiama High teachers Natalie Camino and Christina Dias to create information boards for the Exhibition.

These students are working on the boards during what would be their normal sport time and their teachers have volunteered their time to supervise the project.

The girls want to ensure that each architect is honoured and have put some thought into designing the boards. (This will include using some of their artistic talents as well.)

They are finding the project to be interactive and enjoyable and they  have loved learning about the architects and the story behind the paintings. Each student is enjoying being of service to the school and community.

We look forward to seeing the students, and their finished product, at the Old Kiama Fire Station Gallery for the exhibition.

Our thanks must also go to Philippa Wilcox, who has been doing much of the background organising in the school, including assisting the students in putting the documents together for the storyboards.




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