Exhibition commences on Friday

high res frame

Bobbie and I are so pleased that final preparations are now in place for the exhibition of restored works of architectural students of Lloyd Rees.

It’s been quite a journey.

In 2013, Bobbie and I worked with a great team to conduct a festival celebrating Lloyd Rees’ South Coast connection, so it only seemed natural to work on this project as well, once the existence of the paintings at the Kiama High School was discovered.

This came about following a chance remark by Lloyd’s son Allan at a function at the Gerringong Bowling club, which had arranged for a number of prints of the South Coast works to be placed on permanent exhibition in the club.

The principal of the High School, John Salmon, was very enthusiastic about having the paintings restored (we discovered that not all the previous  principals had realised their value) and has been very supportive of the project.

Over the past year we have been able to locate the artist or their family for each of the works, and piece together the history of the paintings through conversations with them and school connections.

The painting have now been lovingly cleaned, restored and reframed.

Kiama High art students have created storyboards which include copies of original correspondence and newspaper articles, and these will form an important part of the exhibition.

Following the exhibition, the painting will be on show at the Kiama Library for several months before returning to their home at the Kiama High School, where they will be placed in the library.

We do hope you will have the opportunity to visit the Old Fire Station Gallery in Terralong Street Kiama from this Friday the 2nd through to next Tuesday  (10am to 4pm) to see each of the works and discover their history.

Andrea Hope

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